ThermoNuclear Pencil Case

I just got this Pink Neon colored Pencil Case/ ThermoNuclear Containment Pouch. My theory is that during the early 90’s, after the Cold War ended, the “Powers That Be” had all this nuclear waste to dispose of on the quick-fast. So they started crafting Neon Colored everything out of the stuff and sold it to all the Guidos, Skaters and Nerds of the world as “Cool Surfer Junk”. It’s pretty useless as a pencil case because the lead turns to liquid if a pencil is kept in there for more than 10 minutes. But, I do kinda like how it gives you a splitting headache if you touch it.

Turkey in Outer Space

This painting is a depiction of that forgotten Z-CAT serial:
The hero was a Turkey who battled his enemy, the evil Alien Space Frog.

But mostly they would hang out and chat about their mundane lives.
Kinda like when Itchy & Scratchy sat in rocking chairs on a porch drinking lemonade
as friends that one time.