Those Rotten Pumpkins!

Those rotten Pumpkins are at it again. It’s been a whole month since Halloween but they just won’t go away. As self proclaimed “Bitches”, these Pumpkins comment about people’s clothing as they walk by. “Can you believe those shoes?!”, “There must be a sale going on at the Dumpster!”, “Being color-blind is no excuse” and the best: “IRREGULAR!!!”
Maybe the 6th Borough’s evil gang leader The Green Pumpkin, got something to do with this? Hmmmm…

The Magic Staff of Plundar

The Magic Staff from the Kingdom of Plundar has many powerful and mysterious properties. It’s powers have been used to hail Mr. Softee from over 6 blocks away, chase away pigeons from a day old bagel pile, conjure up some smoking insults to diss a best friend AND it’s saved a few days for when there was no toilet paper in sight. Like the old saying goes, “He who wields the staff of Plundar shall never be stranded again!”.
staff of plundar

Sudsy In The Trunk

Sudsy just wouldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had at his Paranormal Poker Game the other night, so we forced him to “ride” in the trunk. Afterwards, the spare tire cursed us out for being trapped with the ghost for 15 minutes.
SUdsy in trunk
Doesn’t he look proud!
sudsy in trunk CU