The question on everyone’s mind is: “What the hell is Turkel?”. Is he a carrot? A cockroach? A tree trunk? A cocoon? (that would be weird) A lump of clay? A turd? Well according to him, he’s an “Entertainer”. Turkel’s got me there though… his routine “Turkel Just Ain’t Having It” is a real crowd pleaser.

Mr. Parfenix Ingredients List

Graphically, blogs can read like comics.  They probably should be reading more like comics than they do.  Comics are made up of “panels”. Sometimes they break up an image over several panels to give you an alternate sense of space, layout, and feeling.  I broke Mr. Parfenix’s list into different panels to:


A. Give the list its due splash.


B. Show how crazy the list makes me feel.


C. To make fun of comics, blogs, and Mr. Parfenix




D. It’s a good place to start looking at and deciphering the madness within Mr. Parfenix’s handwriting. We could spend a year alone on those lazy capital A’s. Word in the apartment building is that he has bad tenants and unruly kids trapped within some of these letters. In fact, each single letter he ever writes down is said to hold an entire world of horror within its ink. If Mr. P is able to contain you in one of these letters, you’re as good as dead. Apparently there are clones of Mr. P in the worlds of his letters that like to play 1. Dress-Up and 2. House and 3. Endless games of “Super Stickball” where Mr. P has made up an insane set of rules, double standards, and home runs that end in “happiness murder”.


George List 4


George List 3


George List 2


George List 1