El Monstruo Y Amigo

El Monstruo Y Amigo (The Monster and Friend) is my favorite daytime Spanish Soap Opera. It’s about the ups and downs of a loving relationship between a giant and his little friend.
el monstruo y amigo 1
The Giant loves his little friend, the stuffed bear. (You didn’t think he’s friends with the girl, did you?)
el monstruo y amigo 2

Walter The Crazy Squirrel

Walter is plain nuts. A real tightly wound screwball. Whenever he walks into a room everyone freezes uncomfortably, hoping Walter doesn’t launch into rant about the voices in his head. He wears that apron because “My rain slicker’s in the dry cleaners”. One time I spied on him having an intense conversation about his “Mother’s Brother” with a spatula. The curious part was that Walter was mostly listening to what the spatula had to say about his uncle (which we think is that chestnut he’s always carrying around).
walter squirrel