From Distant Galaxies

You can find this symbol stamped on the side of a box of various Venusian merchandise. Translation: “From Distant Galaxies”. Which says it all. Bill the Snowman always says,”More like FROM DISTANT GARBAGE PILES” and I always give him a pity laugh which I’m not too proud of. But if I don’t do it, Mr. Therapist starts picking apart my delicate psyche, and sometimes I just don’t wanna go there.
from distant galaxies

Easter Bunny: Weirdest Head Yet

Easter Bunny Posse is the best posse. Who made these costumes back when? When a local Easter Bunny was needed, it was someone’s job to figure out how to make a costume.  A local tailor. Someone who made costumes. They’re all so different and cracked out.


Easter Bunny Weird head


Pac-Man Eye and nice lashes.


EasterBunnyWeirdHead - Eye


Five O’Clock Shadow!!!!


EasterBunnyWeirdHead - Mouth

Baby Soap

This Baby Soap box is a big deal over at Frankie’s Apartment… Not so much for the soap (obviously), but for the killer bubble color and designs on the box. Only at Frankie’s Apartment would a box be more useful than the soap.

baby soap scan

Insanity Still Prevails!

TACO BELL to launch The Waffle Taco in battle for Breakfast Bucks.


From Business Week:

The Waffle Taco’s self-explanatory: It’s scrambled eggs and a sausage patty folded into a soft waffle, like a taco. You can drizzle it with syrup, too, which is served separately. “We’re pleased with the initial reaction from our customers and if the Waffle Taco does well in testing, we’ll roll it out to all our restaurants that serve breakfast,” spokesman Rob Poetsch wrote in an e-mail.



Funny Papers

I found this insane lot of Sunday Funnies on sale today at this lovely little website called  They want 12K for it, but you can make an offer.  If I only had that kind of dough: I could make PIRATE HATS for half of New York City!


Comic Strip Lot Lead


Anyway, I thought these piles were laid out kinda nicely and insane.  After looking at it all for awhile, I decided that when I become President, I’m going to make our currency look more like comic books.  The current administration should just go for it.  Make money go the way of stamps.  Have it look cool, and have jokes on it.  That way maybe people will stop taking it so goddamn seriously.




Comic Strips From EBAY - ads


Comic Strips From EBAY - flash


Comic Strips From EBAY - Gas Alley


Comic Strips From EBAY - jeep


Comic Strips From EBAY - misc small strips

SIXTH BOROUGH: Clark Street 2 and 3 Station

Clark Street


Clark Street Passage, 1987

Terrazzo floor in lower passageway

Clark Street Passage is an intriguing artwork within the floor of the station that uses three geometric shapes – circles, squares, and triangles against a black background. When transit customers walk down the passage they are exposed to all the configurations that can be made from these basic elements, which create a flowing sense of movement. The study of constantly shifting geometric patterns is derived from artist Ray Ring’s earlier work which was heavily influenced by early geometric abstract art from the early 20th century.




Clark Street - Shapes 1


Clark Street - Shapes 2


Clark Street - Shapes 3


Clark Street Shaped Mid Wide

Clark Street Tunnel Still

Rico the Cheese Drip + Amigos

When Nachos first hit movie theaters they swore to God they were dope and fresh and healthy.  Below we see Nacho, the dumb one who looks like a potato, and Rico, the superhero athlete Cheese Drip.


Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 2.06.56 PM


In the end of the spot they introduce Pepe, the Jalapeño, who is a cannibal.


Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.23.54 PM


Here are the yummy nachos.  Well, at least the photo doesn’t lie.  They look like shit.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 1.56.23 PM