PROPER Easter Bunny and BONUS Bootleg Mickey Mouse!

This is Liz.  She is “friends” with Mr. Parfenix.  She is the only person Mr. Parfenix doesn’t say anything bad about.  I can see why!  She obviously knows one of the best Easter Bunnies in the business.


Look at this Easter Bunny’s EYES!  Genius!  You can either accept the Mickey Mouse “pac-man” eye design on the screens or you can look at the crazy human eyes underneath!  I can stare at this for hours.  I did stare at this for hours.


Easter Bunny and Liz CU


Nice housedress too.


Easter Bunny and Liz


AND A SUPER BONUS: a combo vintage lap-photo and PINBACK!  With: an insane knock-off Mickey Mouse!  Liz knows all the good mascots!


Mickey Mouse and Liz


Some Sixth Borough shit if I ever saw it. Best part: Mickey’s gloved hand on her arm. And look at that satin shirt he’s wearing. Thanks for the submission Liz!


Mickey Mouse and Liz CU


Primo plastic trash can.


Yellow Garbage Can


Painted cubicle wall in an indoor flea market.  Delaware.


Yellow and Green Wall


Penthouse of a 3-floor in College Point.  There no longer is any pastry available on the 1st level.


Pastry House


Not a Taxi.


Old Yellow Car 6th Boro


A vast cave filled with crystals, still 20 miles away.


Crystal Cave WIDE


Sign telling you that you’ve found the area where all the retarded kids are throwing themselves in front of cars.


Slow Children Playing

Chevy Chase Street

Chevy Chase Street


Chevy Chase doesn’t really deserve a street named after him even though he’s complete power in Caddyshack. Clark Griswold is fine, he’s good on Community, but it seems like he’s a raging prick and has been from way back in the day. Maybe he’s not. But it seems like he is. Either way, he must have paid for this street or something or else there’s some other Chevy Chase who built an orphanage near here who’s probably a corrupt politician anyway. I like how Chevy Chase came in on SNL as the sharp-o smart guy but has steadily played it dumber and dumber and dumber. People love that shit. I guess he was supposed to be fly as Fletch but that thing is a weird Bevery Hills Cop tribute and the dumb Miami Vice/Axel F rip-off music is louder than the dialogue by at least double.