Losers of The Science Fair 1952

These two underachievers thought that they would have a more “fun” entry into the Elmer’s Glue School For Gifted Childen’s “Annual Science Fair of 1952″. Their project featured a small-town scene set up with their various toy figures and doll houses. The skeptical Judge asked them “How does this relate to science exactly?”. The boy cried and the girl replied, “That’s exactly none of your goddamn business Mister!”. They came in dead last… But their relationship blossomed and they’re still married to this day!
boy & girl toy set up b&w

PROPER Easter Bunny and BONUS Bootleg Mickey Mouse!

This is Liz.  She is “friends” with Mr. Parfenix.  She is the only person Mr. Parfenix doesn’t say anything bad about.  I can see why!  She obviously knows one of the best Easter Bunnies in the business.


Look at this Easter Bunny’s EYES!  Genius!  You can either accept the Mickey Mouse “pac-man” eye design on the screens or you can look at the crazy human eyes underneath!  I can stare at this for hours.  I did stare at this for hours.


Easter Bunny and Liz CU


Nice housedress too.


Easter Bunny and Liz


AND A SUPER BONUS: a combo vintage lap-photo and PINBACK!  With: an insane knock-off Mickey Mouse!  Liz knows all the good mascots!


Mickey Mouse and Liz


Some Sixth Borough shit if I ever saw it. Best part: Mickey’s gloved hand on her arm. And look at that satin shirt he’s wearing. Thanks for the submission Liz!


Mickey Mouse and Liz CU

Cabbage Patch Bunny

This Bunny is right before too-late.  A visit to the Easter Bunny at night on some kind of outdoor gazeebo?  Great.


Easter Bunny - Gilr With Cabbage Patch


The win: The girl is barely holding it together, but she IS holding it together because she has her trusty Cabbage Patch Kid with her.


Easter Bunny - Gilr With Cabbage Patch CU

Khaki Bunny

Taking  wearing tan pants to new levels.  I appreciate a non-white Bunny, I have to say.  His dinner gloves are on point as well, as is his killer bullshit backdrop.  (Bullshit being the adjective of the day)  The little girl’s prison outfit is probably the best thing here.


Easter Bunny - Beige Bunny with Girl


Dead Stare Bunny.  Don’t bite your lip for a photo, it makes you look retarded!


Easter Bunny - Beige Bunny with Girl CU

Old Navy Bunny

This one isn’t so bad but it’s totally saved by the bullshit kid in the Old Navy shirt missing his two fronts.  The plaid vest on EB is OK too.


Easter Bunny - Purple Rabbit and kid with teeth out


I wanna thing the rabbit is a purplish grey but I bet he’s just grey.  I’m almost positive the orange balloons behind them are clustered together to form giant carrots.


Easter Bunny - Purple Rabbit and kid with teeth out CU