Another Useless 6th Borough Robot: NordleVac 600

NordleVac 600 can do a lot of things. Actually it USED TO do a lot of things. Once a proud mid-range automated tile-cleaning machine, now it just sits by the corner bodega cracking jokes as strangers walk by and cat calling at those fancy lap-top bags. Just another useless broken down robot living in the Sixth Borough of New York. They all seem to end up in Zaghaven at some point.
These wires used to connect to something that worked.
Nordlevac CU
At least NordleVac loiters in style.
Nordle vac radio flyer

Computer Nosy

Computer Head’s uncle Computer Nosy, has fallen on hard times. Years of poking into stranger’s conversations and not minding his P’s & Q’s have taken an emotional toll on Nosy. He just lays around in gutters and garbage piles and has recently joined the URB (Useless Robot Brigade) 6th Borough Chapter.
computer nosy snow

Optimus Loves Rabbit

I love this coloring book page. And Optimus Prime loves Rabbit. Besides Energon Cubes, it’s his favorite food. Optimus is like, “Ok little fella, just a little closer… I won’t bite”. Except that he does.

Optimus Bunny

Obviously the concept of “Dangling a Carrot” is not lost on robots!