Puddles The Cat Has Been Found!!!

Here is a wonderful voicemail from one of our adoring fans, ADAM VASQUEZ. He watches Frankie’s Apartment on CAN TV in Chicago. Apparently he’s found that mangy cat who used to hang out by the dumpsters behind our building. If I knew Puddles was from Chicago, I would have listened to him talk more often… I do love me some Chee-Ca-Goh accent!

Original shlogpost from over 2 years ago:
Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 1.52.56 PM
The current exchange rate of 250 Pesos is $19.02 USD (Our fans have never been good with money!)

Frankie’s Apartment: Fan Pumpkins!!

Pecos Bill, a regular commenter on this blog has a son.  This is Pecos Bill Junior aka Louis Jr.,
wearing one of my old Kid America Club t-shirts.  Props to Jr. for the J-Crew catalog mousepad.

Pecos and I met on Instagram.  He’s been a very supportive visitor to the shlog.  So much so, that he and
his son have promised me a pumpkin for my Halloween jack-o-lantern from their family’s farm upstate!

Obviously I know one can grow pumpkins, but I’ve never known anybody who actually has grown
pumpkins.  The only pumpkin patch I knew growing up was at a not-so-local park in Queens
where they’d haul in a batch of pumpkins and spread them out on the near dead baseball outfield and let
you roll one out.

How come nobody ever makes an unripe, green jack-o-lantern?  That’s another good character for the
show.  He/she could be really juvenile and under-developed.

More on Pecos Bill in a bit…

Fan Art: Wyatt’s Pizza Drawing

Wyatt’s Pizza Drawing is one of those rare works. Abstract,
but so totally nailing the subject.
Wyatt is obviously insanely talented, and let’s face it – he’s got great style too.
Wallabees and Bumblebee stripes.  I’m wearing the same tomorrow.
Upon closer inspection, it looks like this Pizza Drawing might be in an entire BOOK
of Pizza Drawings!  The one we’re seeing is #25.  You can see the ghost of another
right behind it.  Maybe Wyatt can come on the show and show us his Pizza Book.
Thanks to Wyatt for the drawing, Mirabelle Marden for the photograph of the drawing,
and to Keith Riley, Wyatt’s Dad, for having a cool kid like Wyatt.

People in My Neighborhood: Angela

Angela has always been known as outspoken. Today when I ran into her she wanted to talk about the future. She expressed that although she doesn’t believe that we’ll be able to “teleport to the beach” anytime soon, she does think that doors will be able to be unlocked by “breath analysis” in only a year or a year and a half. Breath analysis, is, like, well — there will be some sort of gizmo that you breathe on near the doorbell and then the door will say, “Welcome home, Angela. Come right in.”

Angela is so great. I love her jeans and her easy manner. She always tells me how “real” I am, which always makes me feel better because Sudsy is always calling me a phony.