Who doesn’t like a good pillow? In fact I love my pillow. We’ve been seeing each other for like 11 years now. My pillow wants us to take the next step, but I have commitment issues. Maybe we just want different things out of life? Maybe I just don’t want to settle down quite yet? Let’s be honest though, my pillow only likes me for my money. Which is actually Frankie’s money. So maybe Frankie should marry my pillow and leave me the hell out of it!
pillow drawing


Frankie’s Apartment… Keeping it CLUNKY since 2000!
Don’t you love it when cartoons get startled and their hats float above their heads? Also, isn’t it weird that Cartoons are in Cartoons? And Cartoons can be in Cartoons that are moving pictures AND Cartoons can also be in Cartoons that are flat pictures? Not to mention, why do they call Comic-Artists: Cartoonists? Why not Comicists or Comists? I bet you none of those old cornball cartoon guys in the 30’s thought anyone would take this junk seriously when they set the whole thing up!
clunk! cartoon