5 thoughts on “There’s a Ghost Haunting Frankie’s Apartment

  1. When all is said and done, taking all things into consideration, and you think about it for a while… this ghost is pretty darn scary. Cheeky too. Oh and the parsnip & Rolo pairing…. pure culinary genius!

  2. I really must say that I come across as very strange in this as a result of Frankie's editing. He has manipulated my words and been down right rotten.

    As an upstanding and integral member of the household I can be nothing but insulted by this mis-portrayal.

    Frankie, I shall be having words

  3. Read this in the morning before I fully was awake and got nervous that I'd emailed myself from the future, as my initials are also FS.

    Anyhow, thanks, please visit again. We're always here!

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