Fashion Week Expose: Fashion Twins Activate!

Saffron (left) & Wanda call themselves “Fashion Twins Activate!” and are 2 of the hottest dressers in the 6th Borough. They also go by “Masters of Coordination” & “US2B2HOT4U” (can’t have too many nicknames in the 6th!). They’re always dressed to the 9’s, always coordinated and almost never clash… unless they meant to.
When I asked them Neighborhood News Question #132 “Why is it important to have style?”, Saffron replied “You gotta have style” while Wanda said, “You gotta stay hydrated too!”. So for all of you shlubby nincompoops out there who’ve given up on their appearances and don’t know what to do… Drink plenty of fluids!
saphron wanda west indies parade
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